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  2. bri-griv:

    Oh god this is so blatantly scout what have you done to me.

    *runs away, hides under bed embarrassed*

  3. bootygamestronger:

    my otp is showing welp

  4. enaidpiart:

    I-I…yeah…I’m not so sure.

    This is my obsession with Stridercest.

  5. drisnsfw:

    This is not what you asked for
  7. fleinne:

    supposed to be studying -> draw Striders instead ´u`

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  8. beanspurrout:

    but it wouldn’t mean a thing if i told you how i feel.

    I haven’t drawn stridercest in way too long (this was also a fabric and coloring test)

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  9. fengernial:

    God you hope you can be as good as your BRO at this some day. You’d never tell him that though.


  10. malabie:

    asfnadnfgadfnsdf~çdsa/s;fd oh my GOD

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