1. empressimpala:

    what a big dumb sleepy baby of an older bro


  2. Anonymous said: I'm late I'm sorry but what about alpha stridercest with toys OuO


    it’s never too late for stridercest!

    i considered sticking this with the other stridercest request, but i figured this way there’d be more alphas, and this world is in desperate need of more alpha striders imo.

    sorry for the super sketchiness though…was hitting quite a few blocks and i just couldn’t make it look good with cleaner lines.

  3. mariedisgrace:

    dorks doing selfies + photobomber

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  5. beachlingg:

    Dave sneaking his brother’s stuff and using it when jerking off is the hottest thing. If the dude found out he’d probably just let him keep doing it because it’s so hot.


  6. lunaticjin-nsfw:

    stridercest request


  7. beachlingg:

    Whether Dirk and Dave grow up as twins or meet each other later on after the death of their alt-universe selves, it makes for an amazing amount of drama and chemistry.


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  9. bri-griv:

    Oh god this is so blatantly scout what have you done to me.

    *runs away, hides under bed embarrassed*

  10. bootygamestronger:

    my otp is showing welp